We, at Dali Electronics, in collaboration with uncompromising quality products. We are a sourcing company for Pure Metal Alloys, Insulation Materials and Rare Earth Elements.
Nickel and Cobalt Alloys
High Temperature Insulation Materials
Titanium Alloys
Metal Strips
Beryllium Copper Alloys and Ingots
Non Sparking Tools
Metal Powder
Rare Earth Metals Oxides
Titanium Alloys for Steel Industry
Tungsten Copper Electrodes
Fiber Yarns
Thermostatic Bimetal Strip
Nano Powders
Metal Powders
Dental Alloys and Implants
Thermocouple Compensating Wires and Cables Omega Type
Fiber Yarns for Fabric Products
Minor Metals
Ferro Alloys
Alloy Powders
Polyimide Film & Tape
Silica Fabrics
Tantalum and alloys
Niobium Plate
Cerium Oxide
Chromium Zirconium Copper
Cobalt Oxide Powders
Insulating Paper
Aluminium Beryllium Ingots
Precious Metal
Titanium Sponge Powder
Indium Ingots
Oxygen Free Copper
Aluminium Crepe Paper
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